First motorcycle with how to choose?

First motorcycle with how to choose?
25-08-2021, 02:52
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By gaining a B category licence, the new driver can drive a car and also ride the small A1 category motorcycle. Unlike the motorcycle of A category, the one of A1 has an engine of capacity of less than 125 cm3. This motorcycle often is the very 1st choice for many. However, considering that this small capacity motorcycle is only the starting point to fulfill the dream of the real, A category motorcycle worthy of Wind Brothers, it surely is not the last one. While the rider is still on his way to pass the test for A category licence, A1 gives an opportunity to improve the riding skills. Either way, the 1st motorcycle is likely to be a temporary variant. And that is something to consider when buying the 1st motorcycle.

All types of motorcycles can be viewed altogether on It is a relatively new advertisement portal in Latvia; however, it offers many improved functions both for buyers and sellers. Unlike other advertisement sites, on each author of the advertisement obtains his own mini website that is very similar to the profile of social networks. This website is attached to each advertisement of the user and on that all the advertisements published by the user can be found altogether. Other users can leave their feedback there and find out more about the seller - whether it's a company or an individual.

The significant event

Buying the 1st real motorcycle is an event that someone may have been waiting for since their very childhood, enthusiastically watching someone from the family riding a motorcycle. Someone else, on the other hand, may have discovered the passion for motorcycles later on in life, for example, by the age of 30 or 40. Be that as it may, the motorcycle riders very often change even several motorcycles in their lifetime. Also, it is nothing unusual that a motorcyclist has more than 1 motorcycle in the garage at the same time. Besides, when traveling abroad, it is possible to gain new riding experience also by renting motorcycles - the choice of motorcycles is very wide.

The purchase of the very 1st vehicle is a significant event both for motorists and motorcyclists. And just like in the beginning it is a real celebration when the right one has been selected, later on the selling of the same motorcycle becomes just as significant - it means buying something even better later on.

In cooperation with, we are going to take a look at how to deal with this responsible task of choosing the 1st motorcycle as successfully as possible.

A motorcycle that suits the skills

First, it is important to assess whether the chosen motorcycle corresponds to the realistic riding skills. Choosing the most powerful motorcycle at a moment when its control has not yet been mastered means falling down more often and more frequent accidents. It is very recommended to start gradually, without overestimating one's skills. Also, if the 1st motorcycle has been chosen correctly, it helps to master the necessary skills more successfully and also increases the safety of riding.

Correct position on the motorcycle

The size of the motorcycle should correspond to the height of the rider and it should feel comfortable to sit on top of it. The correct height of the seat is such that both feet fully touch the ground when put down. Touching with the fingertips alone in this case is not approved because that does not ensure a sufficient level of comfort and safety while riding. A seat that is too high increases the risk of accident, especially for those riders that still lack experience.

Can you lift the motorcycle?

It is recommended for the 1st motorcycle to be light. It should be noted that falling down from a motorcycle is nothing uncommon for beginners. If the motorcycle is light, the risk of injuring oneself decreases. Besides, if the rider has fallen off the motorcycle, it is important that after landing on the ground, the rider is able to lift the motorcycle up independently.

Engine capacity - how to choose?

For those that have never ridden the motorcycle before, it is best to choose a capacity of up to 250 cm3. However, the rider will soon get used to that and it should be taken into account that it is very probable that after 1 season there will be a wish already for something more powerful. Also, a very reasonable choice for the 1st motorcycle could be a motorcycle with engine capacity of up to 500 cm3 - this enables developing higher speed as well as improving the riding skills.

What is the power?

When choosing the 1st motorcycle, also the power should be taken into account separately - for motorcycles of the same engine, capacity still may differ. The most reasonable and most recommended choice for beginners is a power of up to 35 kilowatts.

Types of motorcycles

When choosing the first real motorcycle, one should consider its daily usage, as well as understand certain advantages and disadvantages of each type of motorcycle. With so many options on the motorcycle market, it is easy to get lost and ultimately even choose an inappropriate motorcycle. In total, there are 5 main types of motorcycles: street, sports, chopper, enduro and cross.

The street motorcycles are suitable for both the city and the outskirts. It is an especially good choice for beginners. As falling off a motorcycle is quite common at the very beginning, it is a great advantage that these motorcycles do not have any unnecessary details and their structure is simpler - it means that after falling down, there won't be any need to regularly change many details. Also experienced riders can choose this type. The engine's capacity is from 125 - 1300 cm3.

Sport motorcycles are more suitable for those that already have riding experience, as well as for those that are used to high speed. Uneven and gravel roads are not suitable for this type, but it is best to ride them on a smooth highway. It is not comfortable to sit on those motorcycles for long periods of time.

Choppers are more suitable for experienced riders, and those motorcycles are very good to enjoy a comfortable ride. However, there are some significant drawbacks - choppers consume a lot of fuel, even more than a car, and they are also heavy which is a reason for higher risk of injury.

Enduro motorcycles are a good and appropriate choice for the Latvian road situation - bumpy roads are not a problem for this type. Unlike choppers, they are easy to maneuver, and because of that, turning on the road bends is more comfortable. They are quite light. However, the seat is usually higher than normally - because of that, it is very probable that boots will be needed to put the whole foot on the ground or that may be impossible even with boots. But the lightness of the motorcycle compensates for that. Because of those reasons, this type of motorcycle is one of the most popular choices among beginners.

For those that want to turn riding a motorcycle into a more serious activity, cross motorcycles will be the most suitable choice. They are ridden by professional motorcyclists. But they are not allowed on the real streets of the city.

Used motorcycle - a good choice

Given that the 1st motorcycle is very likely not to be the last one, it is especially recommended to consider choosing a second-hand motorcycle. Besides, the repair costs of a used motorcycle are lower than for a new one. And for beginners it is an important aspect, because falling off a motorcycle happens more frequently. On top of that, learning to ride a motorcycle is easier with a used one, because it is no longer so sensitive. A new and expensive motorcycle should remain for the future - when there has been more riding experience obtained and the chances of damaging the motorcycle are lower.

Let the adventure begin!

Many motorcyclists will agree that a ride on a motorcycle is an adventure not only when it comes to travelling long distances, crossing borders of a country or even of a whole continent, but also on a daily basis when simply commuting to the workplace. Every day that has been spent riding a motorcycle is more special. And there surely is not a single person that does not long for that sensation of feeling fully alive. A motorcycle offers to discover that feeling - and not only for the riders but also for those in the sidecar!

Open the advertisement portal and get to know the offer of the motorcycles better. If you already own one, but you are ready for something more powerful or new, post your ad on for free! Each registered user of the portal will obtain his own mini website. Besides, on feedback can be found about each seller - it means safer shopping and choosing your 1st motorcycle from the best and most reliable seller!


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