Car news: you can study at different cities at once to get the licence

Car news: you can study at different cities at once to get the licence
3-08-2021, 15:22
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This summer in Latvia is treating us as if we were in the south - that is why we want to spend even more time in the open air, to go hiking or simply stay by the sea side or near the lakes. Many of us choose to go outside the city to visit relatives and friends that live in the countryside or to finally go to our own cottages to have a good long-awaited summer rest. The most important thing is not to stay within the 4 walls of the house! And those that do not yet have the driver's licence, have surely had a thought of how all these trips could get much more comfortable! If there is always a towel and swimsuit in the trunk, you can go to the sea even at the end of every working day!

However, what is exactly holding us back from gaining the licence within the warm months of summer? Possibly, many think that finding time for driving school between all the trips and summer rest is unrealistic - how to concentrate on the studies while everything around is blooming? Besides - would it not mean to cancel all the plans of the trips because the driving school must be attended in the same town? Would not that mean to be tied to the driving school in Gulbene, Liepāja or Rīga throughout the summer?

As it turns out, the most modern driving schools such as Presto offer to combine the travel plans with the classes. Presto is ensuring VIP-worthy options - also to the greatest travelers that gladly go from one town to another, the holiday plans will not interfere with the instruction process. It is possible to book the class with instructors altogether in 98 cities and villages - the contract does not tie the student to 1 particular location. As the biggest driving school of Latvia, Presto ensures the widest coverage of branches - that is why the most elastic options of locations are available to choose from!

It has never been more comfy to study

Besides, the theory classes are still going on remotely - that means that there will be no need to travel to the driving school building during the heat. Those that work from home, can easily stay at their cottages or apartments - the only thing that must be done is to join the theory classes online. And if a vacation or a trip has been planned, only a few hours a week must be found to dedicate to the theory! Studying has never been so comfortable as it is right now!

It is possible to set your own comfort level and create your own special study conditions - there won't be even a need to change the trousers of the pijama as in the monitor only the chest part is visible. Besides, the studies of theory can be combined with sunbathing in the yard or resting near the water. Only the internet connection is crucial!

At the moment, the driving school is also more cost-effective than ever before. That can be explained with the fact that no financial means must be spent to go to the building of the driving school to attend face-to-face classes. Also, there is no need to attend cafes during the breaks - if you want a snack, just open your fridge or look for that delicious strawberry in your garden!

Become an experienced driver!

Obviously, the final exam of CSDD must be taken in a specific town, and it is best to know this town as good as your own 5 fingers! This way also the trickiest crossroads and the most difficult road sections won't create any unexpected surprises. If you drive every day in the same town, there is no need to even think about the meaning of the road signs - because you already know where exactly the specific sign is put on the road and you have automatically learnt what is expected of you.

However, it is only advisable to get out of this routine and also drive in other places to sharpen the knowledge and car-driving-skills even more. For those that live in the countryside a weekend in the capital would also be a good practice. There are so many drivers that have the licence but they do not feel confident enough to steer in the streets of Riga! Therefore, they are obliged to leave the car in some parking lot of a supermarket in the outskirts of Riga and go further by bus. Obviously, the traffic in the capital is quite different from the traffic in a small village or city. Anyways, why not learn to feel comfortable and confident also on other roads in the whole Latvia?

Get to know different cars!

Not only driving in different towns will help to become a more experienced driver; also the ability to drive different cars is important. In the CSDD exam, a different car make will be assigned by the computer in a lottery-like choice - Volkswagen Golf 7, Audi A3 Sportsback or BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer can be allotted.

If you drive in different towns, there is also an option to drive a wider variety of cars. However, the figure fields are the same in each town and the requirements to do the parking exercises remain the same both in Gulbene and Jūrmala. If normally you drive a Golf 7, then choose an instructor that drives another model in the other town. Then try to park the car the same way as you have been doing previously - if you drive a Golf, but the learned maneuvers will be repeated with Audi or BMW, it will soon turn out that the stuff you learnt about parking is completely wrong… And it is better to find out about those parking nuances before the final exam and not on the day of it!

Driving different car models will also help to understand better which type of car is more comfortable. It will also give a boost of confidence behind the steering wheel. Also in the future a need to drive another car could arise. And if the driver's licence is already in the pocket, it is so silly that the lack of experience is holding back from driving different car models.

Overall, the change of the car will improve both the technical and psychological readiness for the CSDD exam. That is 1 of the aspects that significantly increases the chances of passing the exam on the 1st attempt. In order not to get confused on such an elementary stage as starting the car, it will be only wise to make the driving experience more diverse. Because starting the car for Golf, Audi and BMW differs

A sea of instructors to choose from

1 of the most evident drawbacks in the industry of driving schools is the usual and common practice of attaching the student to 1 particular instructor. In this respect, Presto differs significantly and offers a special training model that provides the option to change the instructors freely and without any explanations. The changing process of an instructor is convenient and simple - there is an online schedule available with all the free times of all the instructors in different Latvian cities and villages. Even every single class can be taken with another instructor! Unlike other driving schools, Presto does not require any explanations or paperwork when it comes to changing an instructor.

This protects from a situation when a successful cooperation between the instructor and the student is not established, the teaching methods of the instructor do not seem to suit the personality of the student, the instruction process seems to be too extended or there are any other reasons why the student does not want to continue learning together with the specific instructor.

The same way each instructor can have his strong side - 1 instructor can be more talented to teach how to start driving on a slope, while another outperforms the others by teaching how to change the lanes more successfully. A wider variety of personalities and teaching manners will thus enable the student to master the driving skills more successfully and fully. And that is also 1 of the keys that increases the possibility of passing the exam on the 1st attempt. Even seemingly the most hopeless driver in the wide choice of instructors will find someone that will convince him that driving is for everyone - almost never there are totally hopeless cases when the student has not learnt how to start the car even on the 10th driving lesson.

Start the studies already THIS summer!

For many, the summer is the vacation and holiday season with more free time than during the rest of the year - the school holidays, the summer break for the university students and the vacation for the office workers. This is the best time to finally fulfill the dream about gaining the driver's licence. When then if not now when there is more free time than ever? Besides, those that dedicate at least 3-4 days a week to driving classes, can get the drivers licence within 3 months time! That's because on average there are 30-40 classes needed to successfully prepare for the final test.

That is 1 more bonus of Presto - you can register for the classes every day, also on the weekends and holidays! It means that even as fast as within 10 days the student can attend the minimum standard of the driving lessons set by the government.

Presto is also the 1st driving school in Baltics which has provided an opportunity to sign the contract online. And as a proof of the honesty of driving school is also the option to get acquainted with the agreement online even before signing it. Visit and apply for your summer adventure already today!


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