Scania AXL: a standalone truck that uses biofuels

Scania AXL: a standalone truck that uses biofuels
11-02-2020, 18:06
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Following the NXT concept, Scania developed another standalone truck. It is called Scania AXL, and it is the concept of a fully autonomous truck, which is evident due to the lack of a cab. The new intelligent front module replaces the traditional cab.

Interestingly, and unlike most stand-alone concepts, the AXL does not have a fully electric drive, but is powered by an internal combustion engine that uses renewable biofuels. According to a company owned by VW Group, this is a good example of how traditional and new technologies can be combined. Scania AXL has many camcorders, radars and GPS receivers.

Mines and large construction sites are ideal for autonomous trucks.

Scania aims to be one of the first truck manufacturers to offer fully autonomous heavy trucks, allowing the mining industry to optimize its transportation needs and make them more sustainable.


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