Volkswagen will offer electric equipment for Beetle and Bulli

Volkswagen will offer electric equipment for Beetle and Bulli
3-01-2020, 18:00
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The electric powertrain conversion procedure will be carried out in eClassics versions using components supplied by Volkswagen. The company presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show a version of e-Beetle that looks ready for release.

“Beetle electric combines the charm of our classic cars with the mobility of the future. Volkswagen Group Components, the innovative electrical components, will be under the hood, ”said Thomas Schmall, board member of Volkswagen Group Components, in a press release.

The electric motor mounted on the e-Beetle has 60 kW or 82 liters. from. Autonomy is about 200 km, and the maximum speed achieved is 150 km / h. This is not a very important aspect, but if you are interested, the e-Beetle can accelerate from 0 to 80 km / h in 8 seconds. The batteries are located on the floor, consisting of 14 modules, each of which has a capacity of 2.6 kW / h, for a total of 36.8 kW / h. One-hour charging at a fast DC charging station provides it with 150 km of autonomy.

Superior electrical performance and higher weight reinforce the running and braking trains. The German manufacturer is also considering the use of the MEB modular electrical platform for future projects, which will give advantages in productivity and autonomy.


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