McLaren 675LT: remember the legend

McLaren 675LT: remember the legend
9-02-2020, 17:35
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On March 3, 2015, at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren introduced a new car called the 675LT. LT is an abbreviation that has been forgotten by many, and the last time McLaren used the name was 18 years ago for the F1 GTR Long Tail.

3.8-liter twin-turbine V8 develops 675 horsepower and 700 Newtons, which is 25 liters. from. and 22 nm higher versus 650S. In parallel with the increase in power comes and weight loss is mainly achieved through the use of carbon fiber. The McLaren 675LT is 100 pounds lighter than the 650S.

Performance figures 675LT sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds, and 0-200 km / h in 7.9 seconds, a maximum of 330 km / h. Compared to the 650S, it is 0.1 second faster to 100 km / h 0.5 second faster to 200 km / h and 2 km / h slower.

Currently, there are legends about this car, it is really impressive. There are few such hypercars that have the following characteristics. The 675LT will be embellished with one of McLaren's five specific themes inspired by colors belonging to McLaren cars. The estimated price for the McLaren 675LT is € 355,000.



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